Host awesome karaoke parties where everyone can easily find and queue songs from their phone’s web browser. The player is also browser-based with support for MP3+G, MP4 video and WebGL visualizations. The server is self-hosted with no internet connection required.

App in mobile browser (top/left) controlling player in Firefox/Chrome (bottom/right)


Karaoke Forever assumes its player will be mixed with any microphones (either in software or an outboard mixer). See the F.A.Q. for more information.

Download & Install

See Releases available for your OS, as well as the installation documentation.

Please note that the main branch is actively developed and is not guaranteed to be stable.

Getting Started

Karaoke Forever basically has 3 parts. You can jump to the documentation for each below, or Quick Start to get up and running step-by-step.

Discord / Support

Join the Karaoke Forever Discord Server for general support and development chat, or just to say hi!

Contributing & Development

See the GitHub project page .